Railway Continuous Beam Bridge Bearings

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Railway Continuous Beam Bridge Bearings

Railway Continuous Beam Bridge Bearings

A railway bridge bearing is a component of a bridge that transfers loads received from the deck to the substructure and allows controlled movement due to temperature changes or seismic activity, reducing the stresses involved. The bridge bearing is the boundary between the superstructure and the substructure.

Pot bearings, also known as rubber pot bearings, can be divided into fixed pot bearings, guided pot bearings and free sliding pot bearings. Rubber pot bearing is a special type of bridge bearing, which is used to withstand large loads, large horizontal displacements and large rotation requirements in narrow areas of bridges. Compared with elastic supports, pot supports have greater load-bearing capacity.

Railway line spherical bearing, also known as spherical bearing, is designed to ensure the transmission of vertical and horizontal forces in a controlled state, and is a connecting device between the upper structure and the lower structure. It consists of steel plate with edge sliding guides and stainless steel panels for sliding control, low friction and excellent adjustment characteristics.

Railway line spherical bearings Features:

  • High load-carrying capacity: Railway line spherical bearings are designed to support heavy loads, making them ideal for use in railway applications.

  • Low friction coefficient: The low friction coefficient of railway bridge spherical bearings helps to reduce wear and tear on the bearing and extend its service life.

  • Resistance to corrosion: Railway spherical bearings are typically made of materials that are resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

  • Easy installation and maintenance: Railway line spherical bearings are easy to install and maintain, requiring minimal downtime and labor costs.

Railway line spherical bearings Applications:

  • Railway bridges: Railway line spherical bearings are commonly used in railway bridges to allow for movement and flexibility as the bridge expands and contracts due to changes in temperature.

  • Railway tunnels: Spherical bearing bridge can be used in railway tunnels to allow for movement of the tracks as the tunnel shifts or settles over time.

  • Elevated railway tracks: Railway spherical bearings can be used in elevated railway tracks to absorb shocks and vibrations from passing trains, reducing wear and tear on the tracks and other infrastructure.

  • Railway stations: Spherical bearing bridge can be used in railway stations to provide flexibility and support to the tracks as trains enter and exit the station.

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