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Our company's bridge viscous damper - fastening safety belts for the Ys Extra Large Bridge

Oct. 25, 2023

Our company's bridge viscous damper



The Ys Large Bridge is one of the control projects . It is the first six lane suspension bridge in GZ Province,


 The main tower of the bridge is designed with a longitudinal damping  device - a viscous fluid damper for large displacement bridges, with a design displacement of ± 600mm. The specific installation type and location of this damper product, including design, processing, production, assembly, painting and anti-corrosion, are all completed by our company. In bridges in high seismic intensity areas, the design and use of viscous fluid dampers is equivalent to "tying a safety belt" for bridge structures in the event of earthquakes.


Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic in the first half of the year, the engineering plan was greatly affected. With the arrival of the flood season and high temperatures in summer, our company actively responded to the requirements of the project department, scientifically and reasonably organizing personnel and equipment, racing against time, and accelerating production progress while ensuring product quality. However, due to the particularity of the technical parameters of the damper product, it undoubtedly increases the difficulty of product processing: the length of the product cylinder body reaches 1.65 meters, and the design and calculation of the product body should fully consider the particularity of the technical parameters. The large displacement should ensure the stiffness of the product in the length direction. At the same time, the inner wall of the cylinder body needs to be processed and formed in one go, including the coaxiality of the piston rod, the roundness and coaxiality of the inner diameter of the cylinder body, and the coaxiality of the piston rod and cylinder body, Higher requirements have been put forward for the design concepts and calculations of technical personnel, the precision of production equipment processing, and the scientific management of production personnel. On the other hand, the sealing components and damping media inside the cylinder block are both imported from foreign countries, ensuring the sealing and mechanical properties of the products. With the joint efforts of management leaders and all employees of workshop processing workers in the shock absorption equipment branch, the workshop has now completed the production of damper supporting components and started to send them to the construction site one after another.


The  Bridge has now entered the upper structure construction stage, and the bridge in the sea of clouds is like a giant dragon shuttling through. The dampers manufactured by our company fasten safety belts to the bridge, ensuring its safety during use.