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How To Test Lead Rubber Bearing

Mar. 26, 2024

How To Test Lead Rubber Bearing ?


Testing lead rubber bearing, there is a strict process. There are raw rubber material test, inner rubber layer test, outside rubber layer test and finished product performance test.

We have a whole testing and inspection process, which is entire processed from raw material procurement to finished product delivery ,it includes inspection items, inspection criteria , testing methods, as well as testing equipment and testing capabilities, suitable for the detection of various existing isolation rubber bearings, like LRB, high damping rubber bearing,

Normally, testing lead rubber bearing, there are several important performance that must be tested, vertical compression performance, horizontal shearing performance are the main testing items, such as Vertical compression stiffness, horizontal equivalent stiffness, equivalent damping ratio,shearing modulus, displacement, these are necessary testing performance. Depending on different project designing requests, the parameters are calculated differently, and LRB used on bridge and LRB on buildings are requested differently. So how to test the lead rubber bearing, it also depended on the projects’ request of seismic performance.


Finished product test of lead rubber bearing


There are production test and prototype test for seismic isolation of LRB for building and LRB on bridge.

Production test is operated depending on basic designing parameters, designed vertical performance and designed shearing performance, stiffness. Type testing of lead rubber bearing is about Ultimate state performance. Sometimes detection of ultimate stress and displacement states are made, then cut off the LRB to check if the inner rubber layer are bonded well to the steel plates, in this way to test the LRB performance under earthquake situation.

 How To Test Lead Rubber BearingHow To Test Lead Rubber Bearing

Hysteretic Curve

During an earthquake, while the lead rubber bearing absorbs seismic energy, there is a continuous process of absorption and dissipation of seismic energy. The seismic performance of the LRB mainly depends on its ability to consume seismic energy, and the curve reflects the process and ability of the seismic isolation to absorb and consume energy.

 How To Test Lead Rubber BearingHow To Test Lead Rubber Bearing

Our testing process can be recorded , and production test can be made for 100% products. Standard testing and strict test process is very necessary for seismic isolation, such as lead rubber bearing , HDRB. Factory tests and the third department tests can be accepted both.