Heavy Duty Rubber Bumper

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Heavy duty rubber bumper

EPDM rubber bumper provide heavy duty wall protection in back-of-house areas that withstand constant abuse and traffic; designed to spring back when hit.

Assemble mounts to wall with fasteners and U-washer.

Product Detail

Rubber wall bumper also known as EPDM rubber bumper or rubber wall protection can be installed to wall, concrete or brick, absorbing and deflecting impact from wheeled traffic to give wall protection and reduce maintenance costs. 

Features of EPDM rubber bumper

1. Convenient installation: Along with fixing bolts, it's easy for the operator to attach the product onto the wall via pre-drilled fixing holes.    

2. All-round and full protection: The extruded EPDM rubber can fully protect vehicles and the walls,several units can be installed together to provide

better protection.

3. Durable for usage: Made from black EPDM rubber, the rubber wall guid has long service life span.

4. Excellent weather resistance, impact resistance and stain proof.

Applications of rubber wall bumper

Rubber wall protection has been developed to offer heavy duty protection against severe damage caused by wheeled traffic, such as trolleys and carts. Suitable for the protection of walls, corners and columns in areas such as manufacturing, warehousing and loading bays, back of house retail, hospital service corridors and car parks.

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Specification parameter

DurometerASTM D41270+/-5 shore A
Tensile Strength PSIASTM D4121750min
ElongationASTM D412395min
Tear StrengthASTM D624229 Ibs./in.Min
Impact resistanceASTM D263275%
Low temp brittlenessASTM D4746-40 degrees F min
OzoneASTM D1171114hrs@102degrees F;20% strain-no cracks
DeflectionASTM D57560, 000ft/Ibs-3"(76mm)with no ruptures

Common Models

Rubber wall bumper

Examination before installation

A. Examine substrates and wall areas, with installer present, for compliance with requirements for installation tolerances and other conditions affecting performance of work.

1. Examine walls to which impact-resistant wall protection will attached for blocking, grounds, and other solid backing that have been installed in the locations required for secure attachment of support fasteners.

2. For impact-resistant wall-protection units attached with adhesive or foam tape, verify compatibility with and suitability of substrates, including compatibility with existing finishes or primers.

B. Proceed with installation only after unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected.

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