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Highway Seismic pot bearing (Seismic-hpb)

At present, the rigid seismic method and flexible seismic method are adopted in the world. The rigid seismic method needs to increase the structure size, and the flexible seismic method is characterized by good seismic performance, but small stiffness. The series of highway bearings adopt effective seismic measures such as rigid and flexible combination, which increases the energy consumption capacity of the bearings and greatly improves the seismic performance of the bearings. Therefore, when the earthquake occurs, the seismic capacity of the bridge can be improved, the relative displacement between the upper and lower structures of the bridge is limited to the greatest extent, and the amplification factor of the seismic force is reduced. Highway Seismic Pot Bearing from Yongxi is the same as ordinary basin rubber bearing in non earthquake.

Product Detail


Vertical design bearing capacity

The design bearing capacity of this series of bearings is divided into 31 levels, ranging from 0.8mn to 60Mn. The allowable overload of bearing capacity is 10%.

Horizontal bearing capacity

The horizontal bearing capacity of the fixed bearing in all directions and the non slip direction of the unidirectional movable bearing can bear 20% of the design bearing capacity.

Guide type 1

Highway Seismic Pot Bearing

Free sliding type 2

Highway Seismic pot bearing (Seismic-hpb)

Fixed type 3

Highway Seismic Pot Bearing

Friction coefficient

One way movable seismic bearing, normal temperature bearing (- 25 ° - + 60 ° C), the minimum value of design friction coefficient μ= 0.03; cold resistant bearing (- 40 ° - + 60 ° C), the minimum value of design friction coefficient μ= 0.06

Rotation angle

The bearing rotation angle of this series is 0.02 rad


The displacement of one-way movable seismic bearing is ± 3mm in the transverse direction of the bridge, and the displacement in the longitudinal direction of the bridge is shown in the table below

SpecificationDesigning capacity(MN)Displacement along the bridge(mm)
Seismic-hpb 0.8-3 DX0.8-3±50, ±100, ±150
Seismic-hpb 3.5-9 DX3.5-9±100, ±150, ±200
Seismic-hpb 10-30DX10-30±150, ±200, ±250
Seismic-hpb 32.5-60DX32.5-60±200, ±250, ±300

Highway Seismic Pot Bearing

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