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Excellent properties of the EPDM wall protection

Jan. 18, 2024



Heavy duty rubber bumper is used on wall protection , widely used in hospital, workshop, and Places exposed to sunlight for a long time.


Excellent properties of the EPDM wall protection

Because the EPDM material has good property of anti aging, EPDM rubber bumper has excellent properties of weather resistance, zone resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water vapor resistance, and color stability.

EPDM rubber bumper can be used for a long time at 120 and between 150 and 200 . C can be used briefly or intermittently. Adding appropriate anti-aging agents can increase its usage temperature. EPDM rubber cross linked with peroxide can be used under more stringent conditions. EPDM rubber at an ozone concentration of 50 × 10~, stretch 30%, can reach 150 hours or more without cracking!


The structure and dimensions of EPDM wall protection,

The heave duty rubber bumper structure is different from normal wall guard structure.

The heavy duty bumper is one kinds of solid structure , there is no hollow inside, it is total made of rubber material.

 Excellent properties of the EPDM wall protectionExcellent properties of the EPDM wall protection

The production methods of EPDM wall protection


There are to methods to produce heavy duty rubber wall protection, Extrusion and mold type


The quantity of extrusion and mold method to produce the wall guard is the same, the different is Production efficiency and product size.


Producing the wall protection by molding method, the product size can be any size, but the length of one piece is limited of at most 3 meters, because the biggest vulcanized machine size is 3 meters of ours, but the width and thickness can be any size,


Producing the heavy duty bumper by extrusion method, the product size of width will be not exceed of 300mm, and the thickness can not be thicker than 30mm, but the length of the rubber bumper can by any size.

 Excellent properties of the EPDM wall protection

Besides, the production efficiency of by extrusion method is higher.