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Friction Pendulum Isolation Bearing

The friction pendulum isolation bearing uses the period of the arc sliding surface to prolong the vibration period of the building, and greatly reduces the amplification effect caused by the earthquake.

The friction pendulum isolation bearing is composed of the upper and lower connecting plates of the spherical surface and the sliding block of the internal spherical crown body. The upper structure is supported on the sliding block through the upper connecting plate. When an earthquake occurs, the horizontal force of the upper structure overcomes the friction between the spherical sliding surface and the sliding block, and takes the center distance of the spherical surface as the pendulum length, which makes the sitting pendulum movement. The seismic energy will be consumed in the form of friction heat generation in the continuous swing of the superstructure.

Product Detail

Constituent materials of friction pendulum bearing

PartsMaterialsTechnical requestsStandards
Concave plateDuctile iron Steel plateTensile strength=415MPayield strength=275MPa Rate of elongation=12%ASTM =A536ASTM=275
Articulating sliderStainless steelTensile strength=415MPayield strength=275MPa Min thickness=4.5mmASTM A240TYPE 316
Concave SurfaceStainless steelTensile strength=415MPayield strength=275MPa Min thickness=6.5mmASTM A240TYPE 316
Housing PlateCasting material grade 804Tensile strength=415MPayield strength=275MPa Rate of elongation=18%---
Self Lubricating composite linerComposites with high strength and low frictionPTFEEN 15129

Friction pendulum sliding isolation method has the advantages of low cost, simple construction and is not affected by the weight of superstructure. In addition to the characteristics of general plane sliding isolation system, it also has good stability, self resetting function and anti horizontal torsion ability. As a professional seismic isolation supplier, Yongxi also provides high performance LRB isolator for sale, welcome to contact us for more details!

Friction Pendulum Isolation Bearing

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