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Viscous damper

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Viscous damper has been widely used in the field of engineering structures in recent years because of its excellent wind resistance, seismic (vibration) resistance and economy. Its application fields include:

Civil buildings: such as residential buildings, office buildings, shopping malls and other multi-storey high-rise and long-span building structures

Lifeline engineering: such as hospitals, schools, urban functional buildings, etc

Industrial Buildings: such as plant, tower, equipment vibration reduction, etc

Bridges: such as pedestrian bridges, viaducts, etc

Military project

Pipelines and valves in nuclear power, thermal power, petrochemical, steel and other industries

Viscous damper

Viscous damper

The viscous dampers selection and design can be conducted according to the follow steps. Users also can provide our comp[any with relevant parameterof installation parameters, (including the expansion displacement, working stroke, maximal damping force, damping coefficient, velocity exponent and installation dimensions etc), we shall select model for you and design a detailed installation drawing

1. General considerations on selection of viscous hydraulic damper

a) Selecton of load of vicious damper: selected pursuant to the principle that the maximal damping force of installation position≤nominal load,

b) A Selected range of velocity exponent a is 0.1~1,damper giving priority to earthquake resistance commonly selects a ≤0.4,

2. Stroke Selection

Stroke selection of dampers can be determined according to expansion displacement of installation position and working stroke size while more than 20 mm of stroke margin at each side should be considered. Generally, it is suggested that stroke of damper for building be within ±150mm, and that stroke of damper for bridges be slightly larger than that of expansion joint

Main features:

Lots of metal zinc power in the paint film, have protective function at the negative pole;

Excellent rust resistance and durability;

Excellent adhesive force and impact resistance performance;

Excellent abrasion performance;

Excellent salt fog resistance;

Excellent oil resistivity and solvent resistance;

Rapid moisture-releasility;

Can be used with most of the high-performance anticorrosive paint and surface paint

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Viscous damper

Viscous damper

Viscous damper

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