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Steel side rubber water stop

Steel edge waterstop is a new type of waterstop product, which is made of special rubber, antioxidant and other materials through mixing, extrusion and other processes, and is bonded with galvanized steel sheet. It uses the high viscosity of special polysulfide rubber and concrete soil and the rigidity of steel plate, so that the waterstop can be firmly sealed under all kinds of load, playing the role of waterproof and waterstop.

Product Detail


The polysulfide rubber has strong adhesive force and large extensibility. Under certain pressure, it can fill the pores and gaps in the concrete soil, so that it can connect with the concrete soil as a whole, and improve the waterproof performance,

Good supporting force, easy to fix and convenient for construction

Tensile strength, high breaking strength.

Good weather resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long service life

Density (g/cm3)>1.60±0.01Low temperature resistanceNo embrittlement at -40 ℃
Tensile Strength (Mpa)>0.2High temperature resistanceNo flow at 150 ° C
Elongation at break(%)≧200Penetration degree10-1mm40 ℃±1
Shear strength of polysulfide rubber and steel plate (Mpa)≧0.1Adhesion between polysulfide rubber and concrete Mpa≥0.09

SpecificationSection View
296mm*8mmSteel side rubber water stop
350mm*10mmSteel side rubber water stop
350mm*10mmSteel side rubber water stop
400mm*8mmSteel side rubber water stop


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