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Laminated bridge bearings

The bridge elastomeric bearings produced by our company are manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with international and national standards.

Product Detail

Classification of Laminated bridge bearings

1. Classification by structure

(1) Laminated bridge bearings

(2) Classification by material and applicable temperature

Normal temperature rubber bearing, chloroprene rubber(CR) Applicable temperature -25℃ ~ 60℃

Cold resistant rubber bearing Nature rubber(NR) Applicable temperature -40℃ ~ 60℃

Laminated bridge bearings

Laminated bridge bearings

2. Technical requirements

1) Design requirements

The design parameters, design requirements and inspection requests of elastomeric bearings will be depended on EN, ASTM and ISO standards.

2) Mechanical properties

Measured tangent value of rotation angleConcrete bridge≥ 1/300
Steel bridge≥ 1/500
Measured friction coefficient between PTFE plate and stainless steel surface(when silicone grease is added)≤ 0.03

3) The minimum thickness of PTFE sheet bonded with PTFE slide plate should comply with the following table regulations.

Rectangular elastomeric bearingRound elastomeric bearing
Long side rangethicknessDiameter rangethickness

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